Our Pet Policy

Life With Pets at Artisan at Lawrenceville

Pet Maximum: Limitation of two pets per apartment.

Acceptable pets include cats and dogs. Other animals are subject to management approval.

  • Pet fees are $500 one time non-refundable fee and $60 monthly.

Restrictions: The following dog breeds (full or mixed breeds) are not acceptable: Pit Bull, Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Presa Canarios, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Akita, Wolf-Hybrid, Mastiff, Cane Corsos, Great Dane, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky or any other breed management deems as restricted. Prohibited pets include, but are not limited to, reptiles, ferrets, pigs, rabbits and monkeys.

Person petting dog at Artisan at Lawrenceville in Lawrenceville, New Jersey

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